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Ana Gabriela Juarez

About the author

I’m a passionate Guatemalan environmental consultant working for the mining industry. With over 20 years of experience spanning four continents, I’ve dedicated my career to creating sustainable solutions for the mining and energy sectors. I’m also the founder of Women in Mining Central America, where I work as a volunteer empowering women in a traditionally male-dominated field and changing the narrative of the mining industry.

I’m a firm believer in the power of education, equality and innovation.

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«A beautiful story about the magic of curiosity and the power of knowledge. Ana’s adventures are a captivating reminder of our infinite potential and the wonders of our natural world.

Rohitesh Dhawan

President and CEO , ICMM

«A captivating journey that unearths not just minerals, but the spirit of young trailblazers, underlining the significance of women’s role in the industry.»

Jack Lundin

President Lundin Group of Companies

A wonderful story of adventure and curiosity… Ana inspires the young women in the story to discover the mystery, magic and tradition of the mining industry.

Carolyn Chisholm

Chair Board of Directors Mining Association of Canada & General Manager, Rio Tinto

Shaping perceptions,crafting futures

Ana’s Adventures in the Mine» is not just a book, it is a journey to the STEM world, a window to mining, and a powerful tool to challenge stereotypes and change the narrative of the sector. Each page reflects the desire to empower girls and women in traditionally male-dominated areas.

The main goal of our book is to empower young readers, especially girls, by introducing them to the fascinating world of mining and sparking their interest in STEM sciences. Through Ana and her friends’ exciting journey, we aim to inspire young girls to dream big, pursue their passions and see themselves thriving in traditionally male-dominated fields, including mining.


Elevating female voices and experiences in industries where they’re underrepresented, showing girls and young women that they can lead and thrive in STEM and mining.


Making mining and STEM fields accessible and interesting for the next generation, using storytelling as a tool to spark curiosity.


Highlighting the positive aspects of the mining industry and combating negative perceptions, while emphasizing sustainable practices and community involvement.

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More than just a story

Real inspiration

Each woman in this story is inspired by a real-life mining leader from around the world, showcasing that with determination, every girl can become a scientist, engineer, or miner and providing real role- models

Ana Gabriela Juárez


President of operations at CTA Consultoría y Tecnología Ambiental, Canada; Founder of Women in Mining Central America; President of A2J Minerals; and Board Director at Royal Road Minerals.

Juana Barceló


President of Barrick Pueblo Viejo, lawyer with more than 14 years of experience in the mining sector.

Raksha Naidoo


CEO of The Particle Group and Chairperson of Women in Mining South Africa.

Tamara Leves


Former president of Women in Mining Chile and Personnel Manager at Lomas Bayas, Glencore.

Rana Abdullha Zumai


Senior director of corporate communications and knowledge at the Saudi Arabia Geological Survey Entity and founding member of the Women in Mining Committee in Saudi Arabia.

Maureen Jensen


Professional corporate director, geoscientist, Member of the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.

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