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Environmental Visionary, Empowerment Advocate, and Industry Catalyst. Elevating the Industry through Expertise, Education, and Empowerment.

Founder & Director Women in Mining Central America, President CTA Environmental Consultants, Global Speaker, Author & Consultant

About me


From the heart of Guatemala to the global mining stage, my journey is one of passion, resilience, and empowerment. As an environmental consultant at CTA Environmental Consultants, I’ve crafted tailored solutions for the mining sectors across continents. Beyond corporate walls, I’ve pioneered Women in Mining Central America, advocating for women’s empowerment. As a non-executive director and President, I’ve harnessed my skills to shape the industry’s future. Now, I’m excited to share my story on this personal webpage, where expertise, innovation, and empowerment converge.

Environmental Consulting

Stepping onto the global stage as an environmental consultant in CTA, my team and I have crafted sustainable solutions that bridge industries and continents. From managing projects in over 19 countries to ensuring compliance and championing world class mining practices, our journey is a testament to turning challenges into opportunities.

Board Leadership

Leading with vision and expertise, I’ve shattered glass ceilings and embraced the responsibilities of a non-executive director. My presence at the helm signifies my commitment to shaping ethical and impactful strategies.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women isn’t just a mission, it’s a legacy I’m committed to creating. As a founder of Women in Mining Central America, I’ve ignited change and opened doors for countless women in a male-dominated field. Together, we’re rewriting the script and proving that empowerment knows no boundaries.

Author and Speaker

Through the power of words, I’ve embarked on a journey to inspire and educate. From my book ‘The Adventures of Ana’ to international speaking engagements, I’ve harnessed storytelling to share insights, spark conversations, and drive change in the mining industry and beyond.

Education and Outreach

Empowering the next generation is at the core of my purpose. From starting the mineralogist club for young minds to promoting STEM education, I’m on a mission to equip young talents with the skills and knowledge to shape a sustainable future. Together, we’re planting seeds of change.

Embark on a thrilling journey to a magical mining realm, waiting for brave hearts to unveil its secrets!

Ana’s Adventures at the Mine is an inspiring children’s book that takes young readers on a thrilling journey into the fascinating world of mining. The tale revolves around Ana, a determined and curious young girl, who embarks on an incredible adventure. Alongside her courageous group of friends, Ana explores hidden secrets in a magic mining realm, where they discover the beauty of minerals and the importance of the mining industry in our daily lives.

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